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Recognizing Outstanding Achievement in:
The "Hard Sciences" and Mathematics
Aeronautics, Space Science, and Astrophysics
Medical Science, Bioscience, and Pharmaceutical and Human Genome Research
Geoscience, Environmental, Climatological, and Ocean Science
Agricultural/Food Science Research, Textile Sciences


The MIRS motivate minorities to push on to higher levels in the science establishment and honor managers who work for racial, ethnic, and gender equality in the workplace.

The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science Conference provides much of what companies need to keep their best minority talent in today’s high-mobility environment. CCG has used its decades of experience in talent management and career development to create events and publications that recognize research employees' achievements, boost their workplace skills, and increase their job satisfaction. The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science, like the National Women of Color Technology Awards, now in its ninth year, and the Black Engineer of the Year Awards, in its 19th year, represent CCG's best thinking and best practices to solve corporate retention problems.


The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science offers a forum for discussion of career issues common to minorities in science. It presents seminars and workshops moderated by top executives and managers and other experts in their fields to help minority scientists advance in their profession.


The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science are a celebration. Conference attendees look forward to learning of their colleagues' successes - onstage during the exciting Awards Ceremonies, and in the pages of Science Spectrum magazine, a nationally distributed publication for minorities and women in science. Science Spectrum not only reports on the exploits of minority research stars; it presents solid information about “best practices” in the recruitment, preparation and development of the next generation of science professionals. As well, Science Spectrum provides a forum for high-level discussions between research leaders and managers about what it will take to “bridge the gap” in research science.

The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science - and high-profile coverage in Science Spectrum - also celebrate the award-winners' employers: scientific enterprises in U.S. government and industry that are both eminently successful and decidedly diverse.

The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science are an inspirational experience minority science professionals and their employers will find nowhere else.


The Science Spectrum's Minorities in Research Science match minority students and professionals from across the country with job opportunities at the nation’s largest employers in science, through its Employer of Choice Diversity Expo and formal and informal networking events.

CCG offers help for employers seeking to fill the talent gap with an Employer of Choice Diversity Expo for students and professionals; networking sessions; and CCG's highly regarded Resume Bank, through which corporations connect to a wealth of talent.

We bring bright, prospective student recruits and attract young professionals from across the country: Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Blacks - groups that, along with women, represent 68 percent of new entrants to the nation's work force.

Their importance to the science establishment will only increase in years to come. As New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has pointed out, the percentage of Americans graduating with degrees in science and engineering is less than half the comparable percentages in China and Japan, even though America sends much greater percentages of its youth to college. At the same time, our workforce is changing drastically. Women, 30 percent of the total work force in 1950, will provide 48 percent by mid-century, while racial and ethnic minorities will reach 47 percent. Thus, this conference offers high-level access to communities that in the near future will provide much of the nation’s intellectual leadership.
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